Elsa Sinclair teaches and trains in both Centered Riding and Natural Horsemanship to help people achieve their goals, in whatever discipline they choose to enjoy with their horse. Whether the goal is to ride with more fluidity, or to communicate with more harmony, lessons are tailored to fit the individual goals of the students.

She currently teaches and trains in the greater Seattle area and occasionally the San Juan Islands.

Elsa does have the capacity to take on horses in training at her home, and thoroughly enjoys the process of developing a horse's mental, emotional and physical stability, while respectfully working within each horses personal developmental timeline as they advance through their education.

She has recently has begun teaching at barns throughout the greater Northwest. If you are interested in hosting a day of lessons or a clinic, please contact Elsa for more details.

Rates for instruction and training:
  • Seattle area- Full day scheduled- $65 hourly
  • Seattle area- Half day scheduled- $75 hourly
  • Seattle area- Individual Lessons- $90 hourly
  • Orcas- $65 an hour scheduled for Orcas lesson dates.
  • Redmond Training- $400 a week or $1,200 a month.
  • Demonstrations of Elsa's work- Free, with a minimum of 15 people attending.